December 2023

Advent Bazaar

We are delighted that this year's 'Advent Bazaar' campaign was a great success. During the Advent season, our dedicated apprentices sold products from the areas of natural cosmetics, decorations, knitwear and lots of homemade items made by our employees as part of an internal bazaar.

December 2023

Advent Bazaar

We are delighted that this year's 'Advent Bazaar' campaign was a great success. During the Advent season, our dedicated apprentices sold products from the areas of natural cosmetics, decorations, knitwear and lots of homemade items made by our employees as part of an internal bazaar.

December 2023

Advent Bazaar

We are delighted that this year's 'Advent Bazaar' campaign was a great success. During the Advent season, our dedicated apprentices sold products from the areas of natural cosmetics, decorations, knitwear and lots of homemade items made by our employees as part of an internal bazaar.

December 2023

Advent Bazaar

We are delighted that this year's 'Advent Bazaar' campaign was a great success. During the Advent season, our dedicated apprentices sold products from the areas of natural cosmetics, decorations, knitwear and lots of homemade items made by our employees as part of an internal bazaar.

The proceeds of 1840.37 euros have now been handed over to Gabriele Grau, Chairman of the Rainer Winter Foundation. To the delight of everyone involved, uvex Winter Holding topped up the amount to 4000 euros.
This year, this generous sum will be donated in full to the "Empowerland" organization in Augsburg and the "Compagnon" project of the Augsburg district clinics.

Empowerland: a team of experienced child and youth coaches, educators and experts who introduce children to topics such as strengths, self-assertion, dealing with social media, gratitude and much more in a week-long camp. Combined with lots of games, fun and outdoor activities, the result is a program that aims to help children grow through "self-experience", try things out and build a strong foundation at a young age.

Compagnon: Since 2019, Compagnon has primarily supported parents and single parents who have no local social network and are under pressure due to a mental illness. Compagnon therefore offers relief to parents who are ill and positive experiences for the children concerned in a different environment where their needs are the focus and they can simply be children. The Compagnon sponsors regularly spend time together with their sponsored children playing games, going on outings, helping with homework and taking part in sporting and cultural activities.

We are convinced that our donation will make a positive contribution to these special facilities and would like to thank all donors and our hard-working helpers among the apprentices.


December 2023

Donations instead of gifts

This year, as usual, the uvex group is sending out a signal of solidarity.
Instead of donating gifts to the uvex group, the company is asking business partners, suppliers and service providers to donate to the Rainer Winter Foundation.
This year, we are supporting the 'Grünes Klassenzimmer' project at the Hans-Sachs elementary school in Fürth, an extraordinary open-air learning space. Here, pupils not only experience sustainable learning, but also the intensive experience of nature - a place full of sensory impressions that promotes concentration and strengthens the learning environment.

November 2023

Commitment to "Vision for the World"

We had the pleasure of welcoming Ms. Nachtmann-Leitl, who told us about Vision for the World's current projects. The Rainer Winter Foundation and Vision for the World have been associated for many years and are committed to helping children and young people in need. In order to be able to continue pursuing the common goal, the Rainer Winter Foundation has once again made a donation.

November 2023

Success stories from the "Lernstube Lobsinger" at the Dianahort in Nuremberg

Two weeks ago, Ms. Hocheder from the Nuremberg City Mission visited us. We asked Ms. Hocheder to find out what happened to a brother and sister that we have not forgotten to this day.

Here is the result of her research:

"Dear Ms. Grau,
I promised that I would ask around about the brother and sister who were supported by 1000+1 Stunde and were able to transfer to grammar school.
The siblings were at the Spiel- und Lernstube Lobsinger at the time and occasionally drop by the facility when they visit their parents. Both are now studying to become teachers, one in math and English and the other in law, and she wants to become a lawyer. Another good example that has been given good career prospects thanks to your support is a boy who suddenly developed a high level of motivation to learn after attending Lobsinger in the 4th grade. As the gaps were already too big, he received support from 1000+1 Stunde. He initially went to secondary school, but was then able to quickly switch to the M-train and made it to the top of his class. Even after he had outgrown our target group, he still came by regularly and proudly showed off his certificates. He is now training to become a mechatronics engineer at a large company and supports his colleague as a volunteer at the children's soccer training sessions. She helped him to join a soccer club as a child, which he is still a member of."

October 2023

Vacation camp at Schlupfwinkel e.V.

The Heilpädagogische Wohngruppe Schlupfwinkel e.V. is a facility in Nuremberg that offers children and young people in difficult life situations a safe and supportive home. The facility was founded to provide a stable and supportive environment for children and young people who, for various reasons, are unable to live with their biological parents.

The close cooperation with the Rainer Winter Foundation enables the Schlupfwinkel curative education residential group to intensify its work and obtain additional resources for the care and support of the children and young people.

October 2023

Rainer Winter Foundation & uvex sports support riding therapy center in the Nuremberg region

Until the end of August 2023, uvex sports donated one euro to the Rainer Winter Foundation for every pair of uvex vida planet riding gloves sold.

The uvex vida planet is not only an impressive product in terms of functionality and design, but also a step towards sustainability. The model is the first equestrian product in the uvex "planet" series: produced from recycled nylon and recycled water bottles in a sustainable and very environmentally friendly way.

A total of 4,000 euros was donated to support the riding therapy center of Lebenshilfe Nürnberger Land e. V.. This center offers animal-assisted therapy with horses to children with developmental delays or disabilities.

The donation has now been handed over to Lebenshilfe Nürnberger Land by Gabriele Grau and Andreas Beckers. Many thanks to the Rainer Winter Foundation for the successful cooperation and support with this project.

October 2023

Opportunities for young people

Ms. Gesa Hocheder from the Nuremberg City Mission reported on the use of the latest donation from the Rainer Winter Foundation:
In the past school year, 44 children in the Dianahort were able to receive classic individual support. There were also two group programs for 12 children per week, in which social skills were taught. For the current school year, the support from the Rainer Winter Foundation amounting to EUR 7,500.00 can be continued.

August 2023

Visit to the Hans Sachs elementary school

Alexa Grau

On behalf of the Rainer Winter Foundation, I had the honor of experiencing a day full of meaningful moments and valuable encounters.
Hans-Sachs-Grundschule, an educational institution in the heart of Fürth, is characterized above all by its dedication to the holistic development of its students.

The school takes a holistic approach that focuses not only on academic achievement, but also on promoting social skills, creative abilities and inclusion.

Our visit began with a warm welcome from the school management and teaching team.
We had the opportunity to discuss the school's educational philosophy, challenges and goals.
I was particularly impressed by the passion and commitment of the teachers, who go far beyond the traditional curriculum to offer their students the best possible education.

A particular highlight of our visit was the presentation of some of the projects supported by the Rainer Winter Foundation, such as the "Pausenareas" and, in future, the "green classroom".
The foundation is committed to educational opportunities and social integration, among other things, and it was touching to see how these projects directly enrich the lives of the pupils.

The visit to Hans Sachs Primary School was a memorable experience for me, which once again showed how important education, empathy and community are.
It is inspiring to see how the Hans Sachs Primary School and the Rainer Winter Foundation work hand in hand to shape the future of the younger generation.
My heartfelt thanks go to the school management, the teaching team and, of course, the pupils at Hans-Sachs-Grundschule Fürth.
This passion and commitment are the key to a better future.

August 2023

Donation to the Hallemann School in Fürth

With the support of the uvex safety group, the Rainer Winter Foundation was able to make a generous donation in kind to the Hallemann School in Fürth. The donation included goggles, ear muffs and gloves for the handicraft lessons in which motor skills are learned and promoted.
The "Clara und Dr. Isaak Hallemann Schule" is a private support center with a focus on mental development.
Here, too, we can see for ourselves that our help is being well received.

Many thanks to everyone involved for their help in implementing this great project.

July 2023

uvex ride for kids

The uvex group launched the "uvex ride for kids" project for the second time. The aim was for employees to cycle as many kilometers as possible. For every kilometer ridden, €1 was donated to the Rainer Winter Foundation. These proceeds went to the Hans-Georg-Karg KiTa, Grünstraße Nuremberg.

Juni 2023


Together with our new partner EmpowerLand, we can offer children aged 8-13 a week full of adventure, challenges and positive experiences.

EmpowerLand is an Augsburg-based organization that has set itself the goal of teaching children and young people important skills and abilities that will help them progress in life. Camps are organized in which the children are taught knowledge in a playful way and their personal development is encouraged.

Topics include self-awareness of body and emotions, strengths and abilities, gratitude, self-worth and self-compassion, optimism and resilience, love and relationships, dreams and goals, and physical health. We are proud to support EmpowerLands in making this year's camps at Western City in Dasing possible.

April 2023

Support for the Elisabeth Krauß School

Thanks to the support of the Rainer Winter Foundation, two mobile Snoezelen stations were purchased for the preschool and school children in the three SVE groups, for the 15 classes at the special needs center, the three groups at the daycare centers and for the four groups at the open all-day school at the Elisabeth Krauß School.

Children with special needs in particular are exposed to a multitude of stimuli. This results in difficulties falling asleep and sleeping through the night and a lack of attention and impulse control.

A mobile Snoezelen station helps pupils to calm themselves down when they are acutely overwhelmed by all kinds of impressions and then to find a constructive solution to the problem. This gives the children the opportunity to pause in a place of peace during the school day and recharge their batteries for everyday life.

Here are some enthusiastic comments from the children:

  •     Cassy: It was great, I felt good.
  •     Max: The lights were great, I felt good.
  •     Rene: The lights were nice. We fell into the depths in the mirror. It was super
  •     super super great!".
  •     Felicia: "The infinite tunnel in the mirror was great. I felt relaxed.
April 2023

Winter sports day at the Hallemann School

This year, the Rainer Winter Foundation supported the Hallemann School in Fürth in organizing a winter sports day.

A unique aspect of Winter Sports Day is that it promotes inclusion and encourages participation from all students. This inclusive approach fosters a sense of community and teamwork among the students as they support and encourage each other throughout the day.

Winter Sports Day at Hallemann School Fürth is not just about physical activity, but also about learning and personal growth. Pupils have the opportunity to develop new skills, overcome challenges and boost their self-confidence.

During our visit, Gabriele Grau has already made a commitment to the next winter sports day, which the pupils and teachers were delighted about.

March 2023

Generous donation makes children happy

Thanks to a grant of around 27,000 euros from the Rainer Winter Foundation, the city of Fürth is expanding play and counseling services for families who have fled Ukraine.

March 2023

Donation to KiNaMi & Solino from uvex safety gloves

To hand over the donation, Mr. Baumgarten made an appointment with Ms. Wortmann-Wanke, Head of Social Pedagogy at Pädln, and Ms. Metschulat, Head of Kinami, at the Kinami premises.

Up to 140 children are currently looked after there every day.

Two student teachers from Leuphana University in Lüneburg have been hired to provide additional support and assist Ms. Metschulat in her work.

The need for support is due to the pandemic and the associated lack of school supervision and often lack of care in the children's family environment over the past two years.

With the renewed donation from USGL, we are financing and securing this homework supervision and support for children with particular learning difficulties.

On behalf of the Kinami children, we were presented with a wooden uvex logo and a self-designed thank you card.

In conversation, we were once again able to see for ourselves that the children are cared for in a qualified and dedicated manner. The money is used in a targeted and sustainable manner for disadvantaged children in the spirit of the foundation.

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