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The Rainer Winter Foundation uses around 80% of its donations to help children and young people in Germany - with a focus on the Nuremberg metropolitan region, the home of the foundation.
CJD Berchtesgaden
Das Freiwilligen Zentrum Fürth
Chancen für Junge Menschen
Hans Sachs Grundschule Fürth

Every 5th child in Germany has to live in poverty and poverty excludes. This makes it even more important to give these children and young people a chance to discover and develop their talents. We want to help them to arrive in our society so that they can then find work and stand on their own two feet.

The Rainer Winter Foundation therefore particularly supports projects that help children to obtain a school education, a school-leaving certificate and ultimately vocational training.

The Rainer Winter Foundation is sustainably committed to the following projects:

Chronically ill children at the CJD

The "Christliche Jugenddorfwerk Deutschland e.V."

At the CJD Berchtesgaden, situated at an altitude of 1,000 m, chronically ill children are given the opportunity to receive therapy in addition to attending school. More and more children are suffering from asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and obesity. With appropriate therapy measures, the children should be able to cope with everyday life and increase their self-esteem despite their handicap.

Those who are healthy can go to school and later pursue a profession, which enables participation in society and integration. Unfortunately, many of these children come from socially disadvantaged families, which means that although they are able to receive treatment through health insurance benefits and other subsidies, they are excluded from very important educational leisure activities as their parents (often single parents) are unable to contribute a small amount of pocket money each month.

For many years, the foundation has sponsored 30 children, giving them the opportunity to take part in important activities with the other children and young people and to receive the same support.

With a combination of medical, educational and therapeutic care that is unique in Germany, the CJD Berchtesgaden offers all those who need it a chance to develop their own personality.

The uvex group also supports the sports therapy activities with ski and cycling helmets.

The "Freiwilligen Zentrum Fürth"

With the Fürth Freiwilligen Zentrum as a partner

Healthy school breakfast

Spending the school day without breakfast and a snack is unfortunately a reality for many children! A wholesome breakfast is a healthy basis for concentrated participation in classes. The initial donation from the Rainer Winter Foundation in 2008 made it possible to start the project in the first place and encouraged other Fürth companies to follow its example.

Since then, the foundation has regularly contributed to the 'Healthy School Breakfast' for primary school children in Fürth. Almost 120 children at 6 elementary school in Fürth now receive their daily breakfast easily, discreetly and reliably on site.

Opportunities for young people

"Opportunities for young people" gives disadvantaged children and young people perspectives, promotes their talents and helps them to overcome financial and social obstacles. Specifically, the City Mission's Opportunities Program includes a wide range of projects:

1000+1 hour

Pupils in grades 1-7 receive intensive tutoring. Two children receive regular and intensive support from a qualified tutor. As a good school education is the basis for successful vocational training and a successful future, the teachers focus on this aspect. Since 2016, children who have recently arrived in Germany and need to learn German at the start of their school career have also been supported.

Bread and books

Children in grades 1-6 receive a healthy, warm lunch, homework support and leisure activities. In some cases, the children help to cook and thus learn not only to prepare the food but also to appreciate meals more. Moreover, home-cooked food tastes better. In the leisure activities, the children broaden their horizons, discover new things and get to know their own strengths and talents better.

Quali, M-Zug preparation courses and DaZ courses

Quali, M-Zug preparation courses and DaZ courses (German as a second language) prepare young people (including young refugees) for the 9th or 10th grade of secondary school. Participants study the exam material in small groups. So that young people from low-income families can also take part, they only pay a symbolic course fee.

The school support classes prepare secondary school pupils in years 9 and 10 for the upcoming final exams. In the subjects German, mathematics and English, they practise the material for the qualifying secondary school certificate (Quali) or for the intermediate secondary school certificate (M-Zug). Young immigrants and refugees prepare for the Quali exams in the DaZ courses (German as a second language).

The remedial lessons take place in small groups of eight to nine young people either throughout the school year, from February for the second semester or during the Easter and Whitsun vacations.

Around half of the young people come from low-income families. For this reason, the school support courses offer them a reduced course fee of currently eight euros per month, which is only around 10% of the regular fee.

Opportunities for young people

Hans Sachs Primary School Fürth

Hans-Sachs-Grundschule, an educational institution in the heart of Fürth, is characterized above all by its dedication to the integrated development of its pupils. The school pursues a wholistic approach that focuses not only on academic achievement, but also on promoting social skills, creative abilities and inclusion.

The Rainer Winter Foundation supports a number of projects at Hans Sachs Primary School, such as the "redesign of the recess areas" and the "green classroom".

Alina, aged 9: "I think it's great that we now have lots of different things to do during the break and my favorite thing to do with my friends is go on scooters. Because I come to school by bus, I always borrow a scooter."

Larissa, aged 10: "I try to go to the food area as often as possible. We can mix our own muesli there."

Lars, aged 7: "Most of the girls are in the dance area. But I think boys can dance well too and I really enjoy it."

Kerim, aged 8: "I want some peace and tranquillity during the break and I'm glad that there's now a quiet room with nice pouffes."

More about the Hans Sachs primary school



EmpowerLand is an Augsburg-based organization that has set itself the goal of teaching children and young people important skills and abilities that will help them progress in life. Camps are organized in which children are taught knowledge in a playful way and their personal development is encouraged.

Topics include self-awareness of body and emotions, strengths and abilities, gratitude, self-esteem and self-compassion, optimism and resilience, love and relationships, dreams and goals, and physical health. We are proud to be supporting EmpowerLands in making this year's camps at Western City in Dasing possible.

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